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Criminal Defence

Criminal defence is the skill to guide the client who is threatened to lose his freedom like a helmsman through dangerous waters because: “Before the courts and on the high seas, one is in God's hands.”

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Commercial criminal law and tax offences

The names of the companies who have been or still are involved in criminal business proceedings seem like the Who is who of the German economy. However, not the companies are involved in the criminal proceeding but the individuals as the managers, employees or members of the supervisory board.

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Appeal on points of law

Is the criminal conviction just a lost battle or yet a lost war? The occupation with appeals on points of law is based on this question.

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Competences Law office Duchon Meißner Schütrumpf

We are specialized to criminal proceedings. Nevertheless there are aspects of civil law or public law touching criminal cases. Therefore we are handling these subjects as well.

As far as a special case requires external expertise, we have a wide network with specialists for many special fields of law due to our many years of activity.