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Insolvency criminal law

In insolvency proceedings there are routine checks by the prosecutor to check an initial suspicion concerning an insolvency crime.

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Criminal law on corruption

To give is more blessed than to receive? You scratch my back and I scratch yours? It shouldn’t be disadvantageous to you? So called useful expenses?

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Criminal Compliance

According to § 130 OWiG it constitutes an administrative offence if an owner of a company intentionally or negligently omits the supervision that is necessary to avoid violations of duties in the company.

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Commercial criminal law and tax offences

The general commercial criminal law and the criminal law in relation to tax offences cover every participation in economic life that has criminal consequences: insolvency, banking, public health sector, cyber crime, whistleblowing, counterfeiting or plagiarizing of merchandise, brand piracy, anti-trust law, administrative offences, black labor and illicit employment, labour criminal law, corruption and last but not least fraud and breach of trust.

The multiplicity already shows that a criminal lawyer has to specialize in these fields in order to cope with his responsibility.

Due to spectacular criminal proceedings with great public interest the preventive counselling of business companies becomes more and more important.

„Nothing happens without risks, but without any risks nothing happens either.“
(Walter Scheel, german Federal President from 1974 till 1979)