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Narcotics Act

Acquisition – possession - trade? Cannabis, marihuana, cocaine, heroin, designer drugs? Driving licence? Drugs-related crimes?

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Criminal law relating to young offenders

Juveniles need particular protection in criminal proceedings which is only insufficiently ensured in the rules of procedure.

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International criminal law

European arrest warrant? Extradition? Legal assistance? Notice by Interpol?

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Criminal defence

A criminal lawyer attends to diverse clients: a management board member who is suspected of a corruption crime, a man who killed his wife in the heat of the moment, a CEO who is accused of delayed filing of insolvency, a previously convicted drug addict. In practice, wise theories aren’t helpful, but: communication, commitment, clear objectives and well-considered remedies.

Communication: Defence is communication, communication with investigating authorities, criminal courts and, above all, communication with the own client who always has to have the same state of knowledge as his criminal lawyer.

Commitment: We have to devise achievable defence objectives together with the client; the client is entitled to professional assessment of his situation and to identification of options for action.

Clear objectives: Zusammen mit dem Mandanten müssen erreichbare Verteidigungsziele erarbeitet werden; der Mandant hat einen Anspruch auf eine professionelle Einschätzung seiner Lage und auf das Aufzeigen bestehender Handlungsoptionen.

Well-considered remedies: The remedies that are chosen depend on the strategy. The possibilities in the defence range from the declaration of statements, applications to produce evidence to procedural requests or lodging an objection against the admission of evidence to lodging and justifying appeals.

„Criminal defence is the fight for the rights of the accused person against the government bodies who have the mission to prosecute crimes.”
(Hans Dahs – Handbook for criminal lawyers (Handbuch des Strafverteidigers))