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Narcotics Act

Parts of the Narcotics Act are both the offences which impose penalties on the handling of narcotics (e.g. possession, cultivation, production, procurement) and on those focusing on turnover (especially dealing and import). Partly the Narcotics Act and general criminal law overlap as there are often so-called drug-related crimes due to drug addiction.

Even if the Great Senate of the Federal Court of Justice confirmed the broad interpretation of the criteria of dealing in its decision of 26 October 2005 (Federal Court of Justice State Treaty 2006, 19), the decision of the Great Senate also comprises some positive developments for criminal defence. Apart from decisions like the one just mentioned, there have been some important changes in law in the field of the Narcotics Act in the meantime.

All lawyers of the law office DMS – Duchon Meißner Schütrumpf constantly deal with the Narcotics Act due to their everyday practice and they also try to do further studies to expand their theoretical knowledge.

„Today, the drugs market apparently is more complex and dynamic and not any more based on herbal substances. […] The internet causes increasing challenges spreading quickly new trends and serving as an anonymous market of global scope.“
(European Drug Report 2013)