Markus Meißner, Rechtsanwalt von DMS Strafrecht München

Markus Meißner

Born in 1973 in Munich
married, 2 children

  • Studies of law at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich (LMU)
  • Bar admission in 2000
  • Awarding of the title "Fachanwalt für Strafrecht"  (certified and specialized lawyer in criminal law) in 2003
  • Foundation of the law office Duchon & Meißner in 2007 (since 2011: DMS Duchon Meißner Schütrumpf Rechtsanwälte)

Lawyer Meißner specialized in the field of criminal law at the beginning of his professional career. Due to the nationwide defence in a large number of crime cases from a variety of offences he has a great forensic experience.

Lawyer Meißner focuses on the consultation and defence in the field of white collar crime and tax criminal law. Among his clients are managing directors, board members, supervisory board members and other persons of economic life. He represents their interests competently and effectively in criminal charges (exemplary proceedings: investment fraud, stock corporation and accounting criminal law, withholding of contributions, corruption offences, tax evasion, disclosure of trade secrets).

In addition to his work as a forensic defence lawyer he has also frequently contributed to the legal policy discussion of current criminal law issues. Lawyer Meißner has repeatedly been consulted as an expert in the legal committee of the German Federal Parliament relating to bills of law related to economic offences (Anti-corruption law, BT-Drs. 18/4350; Law on the reform of criminal asset recovery, BT-Drs. 18/9525).

Lawyer Meißner is a board member of the Initiative der Bayerischen Strafverteidigerinnen und Strafverteidiger e.V. (Initiative of Bavarian Defence Lawyers). Furthermore he is an active member of the AG Strafrecht des Deutschen Anwaltvereins (Working Committee of Criminal Law of the German Bar Association) as well as of the Wirtschaftsstrafrechtliche Vereinigung e.V. - WiSteV (Commercial Criminal Law Association).


  • German
  • Englisch



  • New rules on victim compensation, 3. Unternehmensstrafrechtliche Tage 2017, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich, 24 to 25 November 2017
  • The reform of criminal asset recovery - higher, fast, further ... an overview on the (new) law, dates: Hamburg, 28 June 2017; Cologne: 04 October 2017; Munich: 05 October 2017; Dresden: 26 January 2018
  • The reform of criminal asset recovery - procedural regulations, overview and critical appraisal, 41. Strafverteidigertag in Bremen, 24 to 26 March 2017
  • Corruption in health care - the new sections 299a, 299b Criminal Code (StGB), Initiative der Bayerischen Strafverteidigerinnen und Strafverteidiger, Munich, 12 October 2015 (together with lawyer Ebermann)
  • Criminal defence and the obsession with security - Critical appraisal from the perspective of the defence lawyer - scope of action and counter-strategies, Dreiländerforum in Zurich, 14th to 15th June 2013
  • Current high court case law on the right of evidence, Initiative der Bayerischen Strafverteidigerinnen und Strafverteidiger, Munich, 06 December 2012


  • "Vermögensabschöpfung - Praxisleitfaden zum neuen Recht" (Asset recovery - practical guide on the new law), C.H. Beck-Verlag, December 2017 (together with Dr. Schütrumpf)
Professional articles:
  • "Das neue Recht der Vermögensabschöpfung - Ein Überblick über die wichtigsten Änderungen seit dem 01.07.2017, Teil I: Neuregelungen im Bereich des materiellen Rechts" (The new law on asset recovery - an overview on the most significant changes since 1 July 2017, part I: new regulations in the field of substantive law), Confront Ausgabe 3/2017
  • "Die Reform der strafrechtlichen Vermögensabschöpfung" (The reform of the criminal asset recovery), Kriminalpolitische Zeitschrift KriPoZ, Ausgabe 4/2017
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