Dr. Matthias Schütrumpf, Rechtsanwalt von DMS Strafrecht München

Dr. Matthias Schütrumpf

Born in 1973 in Munich
married, 2 children

  • Studies of law at the Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich
  • Bar admission in 1999
  • Work in the law office for criminal law Dr. Müller, Heyng, Gussmann as of 1999
  • Appointment as “specialist lawyer for criminal law”, 2003
  • External partner of the law office der Kanzlei Dr. Müller, Heyng, Gussmann, Dr. Schütrumpf ab 2004
  • Change to the law office Duchon & Meißner in 2011

Since his admission, lawyer Dr. Matthias Schütrumpf has mainly worked in the field of criminal law, but has also experience in civil law and labour law proceedings.

In addition to his work as a forensic defence lawyer, he is particularly specialised in the right on appeals of law.

Moreover, he has a thorough knowledge in preventive counselling of companies on criminal law.

Lawyer Dr. Matthias Schütrumpf is a guest lecturer of the Bavarian State Ministry of Justice within the scope of the legal internship as well as lecturer of the German Academy of Lawyers for the training of lawyers.


  • Eberth/Müller/Schütrumpf, The defence in criminal cases pertaining to narcotics (Die Verteidigung in Betäubungsmittelsachen), 6th edition, published by C.F. Müller 2012.
  • Böttcher/Schütrumpf, Criminal procedure in juvenile court cases (Jugendstrafverfahren) in Widmaier/Müller/Schlothauer, Handbook of Munich lawyers, Criminal defence (Münchener Anwaltshandbuch, Strafverteidigung), 2nd edition, published by C.H. Beck 2014.


  • German
  • English


  • Munich Association of Lawyers (Münchner Anwaltverein)
  • Criminal Law Section of the German Bar Association (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Strafrecht des deutschen Anwaltvereins)
  • Initiative of Bavarian Defence Lawyers (Inititative Bayerische Strafverteidigerinnen und Strafverteidiger)